Queen Mary Falls


Queen Mary Falls is one of those places I’ve always wanted to visit but for one reason or another, I never seemed to get there.

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Carr’s Lookout


A while ago, The Pillion and I nicked off to the other side of the New South Wales – Queensland border for some R&R. We usually just head down the coastal route via Mt Tamborine or Springbrook.

This time, for something a bit different, we decided to head out via Boonah and Killarney.

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I Can See Clearly


In last weeks post, Take The Long Way Home, I mentioned arguing with myself about why I don’t ride the scenic route home from work more often:

The days were too short during winter for this route (but there is a slightly shorter alternative I retorted, you’d be home before dark. Easy)

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Cormorant Bay


Its been years since I’ve been out to Lake Wivenhoe for anything recreational.

Years ago, when we lived in Browns Plains on the southern outskirts of Brisbane, we spend quite a bit of time out there just running amok with the kids during the school holidays.
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Cabarita Beach


Last Sunday The Pillion and I took off down to Northern NSW yet again. I’m not sure what draws us to this part of the world, the roads, the scenery or something else.

It doesn’t matter though, because every-time we head down that way we find something new to enjoy.

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A Bit Ginger.


I tried pretty hard to convince The Pillion to come out on a ride last weekend. Alas she wasn’t feeling so flash and no amount of begging was going to get her to come with me.

She did give her blessing to head out though, and even suggested that it might be a good idea to take Jaja out for the day.

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Cape Otway Light House


You might remember a few months ago The Pillion and I had an epic adventure down Tasmania way.

No need to stress, I’m done flogging that horse. I would like to share some history and photos from another part of our trip though, one that took place on the mainland.

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