I’ve Been Lookin’ For You Everywhere

There you are, I’ve been lookin’ for you everywhere!

Gee you’re lookin’ well, ya been crook long?

Wadya mean your fine and been here the whole time.

It’s me that’s been M.I.A.?

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Evans Head.


The other day while travelling between Sydney and Brisbane, The Pillion and I decided to take a detour off the Pacific Highway for a rest break.

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REBLOG: Australia’s Best Motorcycle Roads


I often harp on about how good the roads and destinations are around these parts.

History, people and the surrounding scenery come together to make most places special in their own way.

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The Sow And Piglets.


If I said I stopped and saw The Sow and Piglets, you’d probably think I was at a farm stay or something. Right?

Earlier this year I did just that while riding along the Great Ocean Road towards Port Campbell.

And what a sight it was.

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The Boat Shed


It was a beautiful morning, about 25°C (77°F), hardly any breeze, the sun was shining and not a cloud could be seen for miles: Perfect riding weather.

I donned a pair of Kevlar flavoured jeans, threw my leather jacket over a T-Shirt and headed of with The Pillion for the short ride up to Dove Lake at the foot of Cradle Mountain.

One of the most iconic natural attractions on the Tasmanian landscape.

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