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St Bernard’s.


I’ve mentioned previously that I really enjoy the ride up to, through and around the Mt. Tamborine area.

No mater which direction you come from, the ride is always enjoyable.



Mt Tamborine.


One of my favorite ride destinations is Mt Tamborine south of Brisbane. There are so many routes I can take that I never get bored with going there.

There’s the run from Oxenford up to Eagle Heights, which is an easy ride with lots of nice scenery (See map). Or via Henri Robert Drive (see map);  this road can be steep at times and has some sharp corners too, but is worth the ride if you like a challenge.


Old Dog, New Tricks.


How many times have you heard this statement?

I’ve been riding for 25 years, I don’t need no stinkin’ riders course.

I have, heaps of times, and I can’t help thinking that one day it will catch up with them… It caught up with me back in 2000, and I’d done a post licence road craft course.

So no one is immune to it.