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A Trip Down Memory Lane.


I arrived home from work today to find a box full of old photos strewn all over the floor.

Yep, you guessed it, The Pillion got bored and was reminiscing about the old days.



Regrets… Well, Maybe One.


I don’t know too many riders from last century that didn’t own a CB (insert number here) Four at some stage of their riding career.

I wasn’t any different.

I owned an old Hoon*-da CB750 Four (K2) for a couple of years. I bought it as a basket case, and rebuilt it over twelve months.

You can read about it here.

The bike had its quirks; like those stupid little rubber grommet seal things that sat under the cam cradles.


Would I Own One Again?


When I started riding there was a rule here in Queensland that you were restricted to a 250 capacity bike for your first 12 months, after which time you could upgrade to an open class licence and ride whatever you liked. It didn’t matter if it was a Yama-haha cruiser or a Spew-zuki RGV (!), as long it was a 250. Now-days, you can ride up to a 660 as long as it meets the LAMS* restrictions.