Motorcycle Touring… And Planning… And Such…


Wouldn’t it be great if there were free motorcycle specific touring guides complete with maps and places of interest dedicated to each region in Australia?

There are of course several websites around that identify great riding roads, but these don’t seem to mention other attractions that may be of interest to motorcyclists visiting the area.

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St Bernard’s.


I’ve mentioned previously that I really enjoy the ride up to, through and around the Mt. Tamborine area.

No mater which direction you come from, the ride is always enjoyable.

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REBLOG: Australia’s Best Motorcycle Roads


I often harp on about how good the roads and destinations are around these parts.

History, people and the surrounding scenery come together to make most places special in their own way.

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Cabarita Beach


Last Sunday The Pillion and I took off down to Northern NSW yet again. I’m not sure what draws us to this part of the world, the roads, the scenery or something else.

It doesn’t matter though, because every-time we head down that way we find something new to enjoy.

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Sovereign Hill


I dunno what it is about Australian history, but it really fascinates me.

I mean, Australia was colonised by the Poms back in the 1700’s; has had significant influence from the good ol’ US of A in the 1800’s, and in the mid 1900’s we became multicultural, accepting all and sundry from places like Italy, Greece, Poland… most of Europe really.

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It Damned Near Killed Me!


When you’re young, you can’t wait until you’re a teenager so you can do all the big kid stuff.

When you’re a teenager, you can’t wait to be 18 so you can experience night clubs, cars and all the other freedoms grown ups get.

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A Bit Ginger.


I tried pretty hard to convince The Pillion to come out on a ride last weekend. Alas she wasn’t feeling so flash and no amount of begging was going to get her to come with me.

She did give her blessing to head out though, and even suggested that it might be a good idea to take Jaja out for the day.

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