The topic of ethanol raises it ugly head from time to time and is usually followed by fiery debate about the pros and cons of the “new fuel”

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Bluey and I have covered over 70,000km (45,000 miles) since she’s been with me.

To date, our time together has been relatively trouble-free, with only a sprocket carrier bearing and the usual wear and tear items needing replacement. 

Things like brake pads and tyres… the usual stuff.

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Are You Listening?


I’m a motorcycle tragic: There I’ve said it.

If I’m not riding bikes, I’m talking about them. If I’m not talking about them, I’m reading about them, and if I’m not reading about them, I’m attempting to write about them.

But maaan… er… or woman as the case may be, what do I do when I can’t do any of those things because I’m… gasp … driving, or worse, wirkin’?

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TUTORO: Top Up, Turn On, Ride Off


I have never, in all of my riding career, used a chain oiler, I’ve always relied on cans or tubes of chain lube, which cost anywhere between AU$14 – AU$24 depending on what brand and size I bought.

For the most part both methods worked well and were relatively easy to apply – except for the chain paste which was a good idea,  but tedious to apply. Nowhere near as simple as the spray can.

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Look – Shiny New Motorcycle Things In 2016!

Well, hellooo everybody!

This week I’ve invited Dan from Daily Bikers back to do a follow-up guest post to his very popular article, “Dan’s Top 13 Motorcycles Coming In 2015”, published in December 2104.

I’ll be back next week with more of my own silliness.


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Repost: By The Seat Of Your Motorcycle Pants.

G’day Warren over at I Just Want 2 Ride posted up this excellent piece which discusses what to look for when buying protective gear.

I thought it was worth a repost.


By The Seat of Your Motorcycle Pants …by Bernard H. Wood –

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Review: Vikingcycle Warlock Mesh Jacket.


Like many of you, I’m often contacted by vendors about doing product reviews. I’ve resisted this for a long time because it’s not my intention for this blog to become a money-making exercise.

In fact, this blog came about because my daughter, The Pillion In A Million, dared me to do it… and I thought it would be a bit of fun too.

To date, any product reviewed on this blog has been purchased from my own funds, after much research and is something that I needed at the time.

However, having said that and for the sake of full disclosure, this post is about the Vikingcycle Warlock Mesh Motorcycle Jacket available from Motorcyclehouse that was sent to me free of charge for review.

Unfortunately, the jacket sent to me is fluoro yellow on black, which really isn’t my colour. So with a bit of prompting, I persuaded a guest writer to do the review, someone very close to me: The Pillion.

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Shoei NXR Brigand.


As I alluded to in this post a few weeks ago, I have a hard time getting a helmet that fits me well, and one that’s comfortable.

So over the past few weeks I have tried on all manner of helmets: Kabuto, Nolan, Bell, Shark and Aria to name a few. All bar one of those listed had pressure points or were ill-fitting.

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