eBook: A Riders Guide To Touring Tasmania


I’ve been harping on about Tasmania quite a bit over the last 12 months or so, and rightly so too, it’s a great place to visit and explore.

Especially if you’re on a motorcycle.

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REBLOG: Australia’s Best Motorcycle Roads


I often harp on about how good the roads and destinations are around these parts.

History, people and the surrounding scenery come together to make most places special in their own way.

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Bluey and I have covered over 70,000km (45,000 miles) since she’s been with me.

To date, our time together has been relatively trouble-free, with only a sprocket carrier bearing and the usual wear and tear items needing replacement. 

Things like brake pads and tyres… the usual stuff.

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A New Stable Mate.


You might remember back in early July, The Bar Tender did his motorcycle training with Noel out at Q-Ride Redlands.

Getting his motorcycle licence was something he’d been wanting to do for a very long time; I guess it was inevitable seeing as he has been exposed to bikes all of his life.

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Are You Listening?


I’m a motorcycle tragic: There I’ve said it.

If I’m not riding bikes, I’m talking about them. If I’m not talking about them, I’m reading about them, and if I’m not reading about them, I’m attempting to write about them.

But maaan… er… or woman as the case may be, what do I do when I can’t do any of those things because I’m… gasp … driving, or worse, wirkin’?

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What’s He Gone And Done?


Dunno what happens in other countries, but in Australia there is no such thing as drivers ed at school. Instead, when a teenager reaches the ripe old age of 16, they are eligible to sit a 30 question road rule theory exam, and, if they pass, they are “awarded” a learners drivers permit.

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TUTORO: Top Up, Turn On, Ride Off


I have never, in all of my riding career, used a chain oiler, I’ve always relied on cans or tubes of chain lube, which cost anywhere between AU$14 – AU$24 depending on what brand and size I bought.

For the most part both methods worked well and were relatively easy to apply – except for the chain paste which was a good idea,  but tedious to apply. Nowhere near as simple as the spray can.

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That’s a Wrap – Three Weeks Just Isn’t Enough.


A few weeks ago I did a guest post for Dan over at Daily Bikers. It’s the second time Dan has asked me to guest spot for him, the first was waaay back on August 28, 2014 with this little gem.

This time around I thought I’d re-post my piece here for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to see it.

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