Never Leave A Rider In Distress


Many states in Australia have adopted lane filtering laws.

Each state has their own rules, and while much is similar, there are some differences in what you can and can’t do legally. Which in turn can cause some confusion for interstate riders.

What’s legal in Queensland may not be in New South Wales or Victoria.

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You Peanut!


Back in August this year I told you about the School Formal Jaja was going to be part of later this year. At the end of that article, I mentioned that the young bloke wanted to make an entrance on a Harley Davidson Breakout.

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What’s That? Speak Up?


I listened to a lot of music growing up; AC-DC, The Angels, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Rose Tattoo, Zeppelin, Purple, the list goes on.

I went to see a lot of pub bands and concerts too. Where standing as close to the stage as possible was expected, lest you be called a woose*.

I mean, the louder the better right?

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The Black Dog


I’ve been struggling with The Black Dog for years and like to think that I have it under control. The reality is, it’s always around and is always testing me.

Personally, I have had much support from family and friends, people who are determined to see me win the struggle, and for that I will be forever grateful.
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