Goodbye, Farewell, Thanks For The Memories.


You might remember the photo I put up a couple of weeks ago contained the words in the title of this post (complete with the spelling errors!).

Since then a few of you have asked for an explanation, on that and a couple of other posts I’d put up recently… so here ’tis.

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Far Riders – Skidoooo


Back in October 2013, I was having a chin wag with a mate when he mentioned he was thinking about doing a Far Ride. He told me The Far Riders* were associated with The Iron Butt Association (IBA)* in the United States, and that you didn’t join by paying your dues and/ or attending a couple of meetings at a local pub or club house.

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Humbled & Honoured


A few weeks ago Dan from Daily Bikers asked if I’d like to write a guest post on his blog. I don’t consider myself as anything special when it comes to writing, so the offer took me a little by surprise.

Be that as it may, I’d like to thank Dan for giving me the opportunity to write for Daily Bikers. I’m really humbled and honoured that I was asked (and chuffed, all at the same time).

You can read my Guest Post here.

While you’re there, I’d encourage you to have a poke around Daily Bikers and check out some of their offerings.

You won’t be disappointed.


Better On The Track Than On The Street Eh?


Many of the places I enjoyed going to last century have been devoured by urban sprawl, and what was once considered “fun” is now banned or illegal.

As a result the things I took for granted as a young bloke are now lost to the new generation. Restrictive and prescriptive laws (we must protect ourselves from ourselves), progress, political correctness and the need to be seen to be doing the right thing, have made it harder for young people to experience life to its fullest.

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