Carr’s Lookout


A while ago, The Pillion and I nicked off to the other side of the New South Wales – Queensland border for some R&R. We usually just head down the coastal route via Mt Tamborine or Springbrook.

This time, for something a bit different, we decided to head out via Boonah and Killarney.

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Are We All Brain Dead?


I don’t mind a good doco or crime show from time to time, even a comedy is good for… um… a laugh.

It seems though, that these shows are put on TV so late, that you either have to record the thing and watch it later, or, if you’re like me who doesn’t have a DVR, I miss out all together.

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Never Leave A Rider In Distress


Many states in Australia have adopted lane filtering laws.

Each state has their own rules, and while much is similar, there are some differences in what you can and can’t do legally. Which in turn can cause some confusion for interstate riders.

What’s legal in Queensland may not be in New South Wales or Victoria.

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She’s Buggered Mate.


Well, it appears my (t)rusty old computer has carked it.

The manufacturers smoke has escaped and I’m damned if i can get it back in.

So, as I’m not keen on publishing from my phone, I might be a bit quiet for a while ’till I can get it fixed or replaced.

Watch this space. 


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Goodbye, Farewell, Thanks For The Memories.


You might remember the photo I put up a couple of weeks ago contained the words in the title of this post (complete with the spelling errors!).

Since then a few of you have asked for an explanation, on that and a couple of other posts I’d put up recently… so here ’tis.

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