Things Are Already Starting To Fall Into Place.


Look… ah… sorry to bug you like this, but I though 6 months was long enough of a break between posts.

So what have I been up to you  might ask?

Sadly, not too much on the pleasure front… the work front however, is another story.

Most of what I have been doing was for someone else, be it paid work or family work, there wasn’t much me time, until recently. The efforts and trials of the last 12 months are starting to pay off.

The Pillion has her health under control since going in for a tune-up last March. It took a bit, but they found the problem and now she’s as good as new.

I “think” I have everything under control with my mum’s new place.

All the yard work, a new gate leading into the national park, access ramps and internal tweaks are done. Everyone does a similar makeover in a new home to make it “theirs”, mum was no different.

Coupled this with being in a brand new city where she knows nothing of the locality, stores or essential services has made it all the more daunting for her.

The Pillion In A Million has been back on Australian soil for 6 months.

In 2016 she went off on an endless trip, backpacking various countries including Thailand, the US, Canada, (US again), Mexico and much of South America.

She was gone for about 13 months, her trip only cut short because most of her documents and passport were stolen in Argentina.. along with precious travel photos.

While all this was going on, I’ve been on maybe two or three rides (not counting commuting). Not because I didn’t want to, but because I couldn’t find the time. When I did have the time, I was either catching up on my own chores or too wrecked.

Somethings gotta change… and to some extent the wheels have already been set in motion.

The Bartender decided to leave the nest at the beginning of last year and moved in with a bunch of mates. I guess its the rite of passage for every young adult to spread his or her wings and get into mischief before they start settling down.

As a result of his moving out, one bedroom became free, so after nearly 10 years of being relegated to this (see below) for my work, hobby and computer stuff I pounced on said vacant room…

Yes This Has Been My Workstation For The Past 10 Years

I repainted the rooms The Bartender and The Pillion In A Million occupied while they were vacant and moved our youngest son into one of them, then I started on his old room.

The result it that I now have somewhere to play computers and work (urgh!)… and in time, perhaps a little later this year, I’ll be able to fish out the radios and play Ham again.

Now… what was my callsign again?

VK4I…. nope can’t remember.

My New Workstation – Aint She A Beauty?

I still need to paint the rest of the house, replace the flooring and renovate the kitchen and bathrooms, but I’ll get there. All in good time.

So what’s the plan this year?

Well, originally we were planning on an overnight poker run in March. That was to be our first foray for the year. But, on Saturday night, we made a rash decision to head off camping with a bunch of friends for the Australia Day long weekend.

The poker run has been relegated to second string but will still happen.

Another trip we want to do is to head up to Mackay QLD to visit a long time friend, Mud Guts. Mackay is bout 1000km (600 mi) north of Brisbane.

I’ve known Mud Guts since I was nine. He’s only one of two childhood friends I have, a brother from another mother, and someone who hasn’t wavered even in the toughest of times – his or mine.

We don’t get to catch up as often as we would like now days, once a year if we’re lucky, so it’ll be good to visit his digs and blow the froth off a few.

Why do we I call him Mud Guts?

Basically because he would eat anything that wasn’t nailed down.

There will be other getaway’s of course, we just haven’t looked that far ahead yet.

Oh, and while I remember. I’ve added a series of nine maps on the Kyogle area to the Australian Touring Guides page.

Kyogle is in the Northern Rivers area of NSW just south of the Border Ranges. The town was founded in the 1830s as a lumber camp and was name after and Australian Aboriginal word meaning “plains turkey’s egg”, which refers to the Scrub Turkey indigenous to the area.

There is some really nice country out that way, national parks, waterfalls, and scenic drives rides that take in the border ranges and surrounds.

Mount Coot-tha Lookout With Brisbane City In the Distance – Yes Our Guest Is In This Picture

Since early October we’ve had a young bloke from Chilé staying with us. The Pillion In A Million met him while traveling, and they struck up a friendship.

As you read this, he is still with us and is trying to make a go of things over here. Even going to the effort of obtaining a student visa and enrolling in a course. Finding work has been a challenge, but not to be discouraged, he has taken to the Airtasker App to supplement his income while he looks for stable part time employment.

I’m all for giving someone a helping hand. After all mine, and The Pillion’s parents were migrants to Australia. They came here with little more than a suitcase and some family photos after WWII and managed to build a life they couldn’t have dreamed of in the old country.

Everyone deserves a chance at a better life if that’s what they seek.

Gerrards Lookout. Maleny-Montville Rd, Maleny QLD

We’ve been showing him around a little; mostly nearby, easy to get to places: Stuff us locals take for granted.

The look on his face and comments he’s made quickly remind me of how lucky we are here. As an example, he says our suburban housing is similar to the more affluent areas where he comes from, but for us its average. And he can’t get over our flora and fauna, although he is a little weary of our spiders, snakes, things that bite.

Motorcycle content: I’ve finally retired our hard wired Starcom-1 intercom and replaced it with a Bluetooth unit… sooooo much better. This coupled with new front disk rotors and a major service due in a few weeks will see Bluey start the year ready to face the open road again.

Things are already starting to fall into place.


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21 thoughts on “Things Are Already Starting To Fall Into Place.

  1. Wow! No wonder you haven’t been posting! It sounds exhausting! But fun. Big changes all around. Glad to hear you’re back at it though. Oh. Is the Pillion going to be making a post on her backpacking trip? Kind of a ‘guest spot’ appearance? Where’d she go backpacking in Canada?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Marg.

      The Pillion In Million you mean?

      She had every intention of creating a blog when she got back and posting up many of her photos but because they were stolen along with a bunch of other stuff it didn’tt happen.

      She is on Instagram though. Search “openroadaddict” if you’d like to she her photos over the last few years.

      I’ll ask her if she’d like to do a guest spot before she heads off again. Good suggestion.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey there, Ghost! I’m glad that things are again falling into place for you and yours, and I dig your new workstation—it looks like a great space for contemplation.

    “…The Pillion’s parents were migrants to Australia. They came here with little more than a suitcase and some family photos after WWII and managed to build a life they couldn’t have dreamed of in the old country.

    Everyone deserves a chance at a better life if that’s what they seek.”

    Well said. I wish that more of my fellow Americans would embrace that sentiment, as about 99% of us are here as a result of post-Columbian arrival from all over elsewhere—99%!

    You’ve shared a bit about your parents’ story—if you don’t mind my asking, from where did The Pillion’s parents emigrate? (This stuff just fascinates me.) Most of my forebears were German and English, of course (at least one or two had been convicts in Australia), and recent genetic testing revealed a drop of Persian blood in my mom’s line… Weird, wild stuff, man. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure its the same everywhere. There are those that migrate for a better life and then there are those that just migrate… And that is the brush they are all tared with

      The Pillion is of Polish decent, but that’s only since the wars carved up and redistributed the country.

      Back in the day it was something else. Lithuanian I think, but I’m not sure.

      There is a book, her family tree, which goes back centuries but I’ve only heard about it, never seen it.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I saw your comment on my recent post, and had to run over here and see what you were up to. You have been very busy! And very productive, which is good. I love your comment about giving other than hand up. my own country is not doing very well in this regard. Looking forward to coming over to your part of the world in 2 weeks. I’m going to visit your Australian traveling page. I’d love to Meet you but I have a feeling I will be nowhere near where you are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you’re in or around Brisbane then it might be easier than you think…

      The only dates I can’t do is March 3 & 4 as we have an overnight Poker Run we are committed to attending.

      Click the “Got Sumik Ta Say” link up top and email me if you like and we can chat about it.


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