Shooda, Wooda ,Cooda


Sometimes you make decisions based on what you know at the time, hoping they are the right ones. Sometimes these decisions are made months, or years in advance of when results are expected.

Such was the case in May 2016. 

The Pillion and I had recently returned from our extended trip away and we had to move on something that wouldn’t pan out until May 2017. This week in fact.

Thank You Mr Google

We’d been planing another trip away with Bluey and some friends, this time to Port Macquarie on the Mid North coast of New South Wales. About half way between Brisbane and Sydney.

One or two of you seasoned riders who reside in Australia will put two and two together and figure out what I’m alluding to.

You see, the club I am a member of (a social club for motorcyclist over the age of 40) holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) to elect a new administration each year. 

The AGM itself takes a matter of a few hours, but, the event(s) surrounding the AGM lasts seven days, and is held in a different location somewhere in Australia each year. 

Last year it was Launceston Tasmania, the year before that it was at Albury/ Wadonga on the New South Wales/ Victorian border, and the year before that it was in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

You get the picture.

The club is represented in 12 countries around the world excluding Australia, which itself has 137 branches, so the AGM’s are usually well attended.

Depending on logistics and climate, it’s not unusual to have between three and seven thousand people attend for the week-long event. 

Local councils and businesses get behind the event too as it injects a decent amount of cash into the local economy over the 7 days. Plus most attendees stay and extra week each side of the event too.

Anyway; as much as we wanted to attend the 2017 AGM, and as much as our traveling companion​s wanted us to accompany them again​, The Pillion and I decided against attending.

Not because we didn’t want to go, but because while we were away in Tasmania, my place of employment was going through some restructuring;, which continued for some time after my return.

I was one of the fortunate ones and survived the restructuring and I’m happy to report things are looking up again for the business.

At the time, May 2016, I was thinking with my head:  What I shooda done is gone with my heart and put in for leave for May 2017 so I could attend the AGM.

There are some awesome roads which are a mere day trip (return) from the camp ground, the Oxley Highway to name but one.

There are lots of natural attractions, displays and talks at the event too, and, of course, a great atmosphere of an evening when everyone has… ahem… settled down for the night.

I shooda put in for leave.

If I’d have done that, I wooda ridden to Port Macquarie last Sunday and I cooda been enjoying all that was on offer in the region, or sitting back at our campsite enjoying happy hour with a great bunch of people this afternoon.

Instead, I’m here, at home, lamenting on what might have been.



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12 thoughts on “Shooda, Wooda ,Cooda

      1. Finally visiting WP friends and wanted to touch base and see how you’re doing. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from you (I’ve been a bit absent as well). All okay?

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          1. Oh I totally understand that. I’e been in the same snowstorm 🙂 Hope you feel the wind in your face soon!


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