St Bernard’s.


I’ve mentioned previously that I really enjoy the ride up to, through and around the Mt. Tamborine area.

No mater which direction you come from, the ride is always enjoyable.

From the west < link > via Tamborine Village there are ample places to stop for a sticky beak and take in the views… Or not… It all depends on how much you’re enjoying the twisties I guess < YouTube link >.

You can also take the run up from Oxenford or via Beechmont for a more challenging run if that’s your game.

On a recent trip through the area with The Pillion and The Bar Tender, we decided to stop in at the St Bernard’s Hotel, at the top of Mt Tamborine.

The original St Bernard’s House, as it was known, was built in 1881 on Kaiser Road, a short distance away from where it’s currently located.

In 1898 new owners relocated it to its current site on the edge of a volcanic escarpment where it has remained until this day.

The location has commanding views over the Tamborine Valley through Guanaba Gorge and east to the Pacific Ocean.

History aside, this pub is the only one I know of in the Brisbane area with a resident St Bernard dog on site.

Molly sits in the foyer and greets visitors as they come in… well she doesn’t really greet anyone, she just lays there, really.

Molly: Photo Courtesy St Bernard’s Hotel

Sadly she wouldn’t “just lay there” for me when I tried to take a photo of her for this blog, so I borrowed one. (Thank you St Bernard’s Hotel < link >)

Of course, if you head out west to the country pubs, you might find a Blue Heeler* sitting on the pub porch, but it’s rare this close to the city.

You can choose to have your meal inside, but my recommendation is to sit out on the patio overlooking the valley. The views are stunning and there’s a really nice atmosphere too.

Especially at mid to late afternoon when the sun is starting to set. The shadows begin to cover the valley and the whole place gets a really nice ambiance to it.

If you can get there earlier in the day and watch the sun come up… it’s worth getting up early for is all I can say.

At other times, and on a clear day with little or no haze in the air from the eucalyptus trees, I reckon you can see New Zealand… well maybe not New Zealand but certainly South Stradbroke Island.

The pub serves both lunch and dinner. We kept it simple with an Angel Bay Hamburger, washed down with a suitable beverage.

You can get a more elaborate meal if you want to, it just depend how shallow your pockets are.

The meals aren’t ultra cheap, in fact they’re reasonably priced and aren’t going to require a second mortgage like some other similar places on the mountain.

If you feel like shedding some of the Kilo’s you’ve just consumed, you can take a short stroll along the walking tracks down to a waterfall,  just below the guest house.

It’s not a large waterfall by any stretch, but it’s worth a look if you have the time. Plus there’s every likelihood you’ll spot some wildlife and colourful fauna along the way too.

St Bernard’s is usually pretty busy on the weekends, but if you can get up there during the working week you’ll find the roads to be a little less congested, making the ride up more enjoyable.

Sometimes I wish I still got RDO’s so I could come up here more often during the week. *sigh*


  • Blue Heeler: Also known as The Australian < Wikipedia Link >
  • RDO: Rostered day off (also ADO: Allocated day off)

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6 thoughts on “St Bernard’s.

  1. Now that looks like a place to sit and enjoy the view for a few hours with a frosty beverage. And for some reason now I have Bob Dylan’s Tambourine Man stuck in my head.

    Looks like Torch Lilies (aka Red Hot Pokers) in your last pic. Is that what you call them there?


  2. carswithasideofcouscous

    Great photos. Must get to Oz one day …. Did you know there was a legendary St. Bernard in Switzerland who was the forerunner of the mountain rescue dogs. And his name was ….. Barry! Not what you’d expect a Swiss dog to be called.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, I didn’t know that. Cool name for a dog though.

      I always wanted to call one of our dogs “Stay”.

      Would have been a very confused dog though. As in ” Come here Stay, Come” 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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