What Does It Mean?


I read that you should keep a notepad and pen by your bedside so you can write down your dreams. The following text is a recollection of what I dreamt last night, February 28, 2017.

What Does It Mean?


First Dream: 3am

I am in the dining room of my parents Sydney home. There are three or four rottweiler puppies feeding from a bowl on the back porch.

King and Mikki, two Rottweilers we used to own and show are also there, but the puppies are not from them. King and Mikki both passed in 1998 six moths apart.

Suddenly I find myself in a valley looking towards a sort of house on stilts at the top of a ridge. The house is on the southern side of a valley and surrounded to the south by trees. My parents house is behind me, which is odd because there is no valley where they live.

I’m moving towards the house on stilts, but I don’t want to be seen by the occupants.

I peer through a window. There is a couple in side with a new-born. I know that the child is two weeks old but don’t know the gender, I guess it’s a girl because it’s wrapped in a pink blanket.

The father moves towards me and I make a hasty retreat so as not to be seen, I try to duck behind a fence which is down slope from the house but am spotted. The man calls to me like he knows me.

I glance up at my parents home, which is on another ridge to the east. There are dark swirling clouds beyond my parents home, similar to a forming tornado. Oddly, I’ve never experienced a tornado in real life.

I turn to the man and answer him, puzzled at how he knows me. I mention we are in for a bad storm and he’d better head back inside.

He offers me shelter in his house but for some reason the wind is so strong I can’t seem to climb backup the hill towards his house. The wind keeps dragging me back. The man suggests I take refuge in a shed under his house.

It’s made from flat galvanised steel sheet with a corrugated iron roof and timber door. The door has a hole at the bottom about 6 x 8 inches high on the hinge side.

There is just enough room for me in the shed to sit among all the boxes, tools and other sundry items.

I remind the man not to forget about me and to let me out in the morning. The pad-bolt on the shed is locked behind me.

The storm draws closer. Through the cracks in the shed door I see my mothers potted plants being sucked vertically into the air. A hinged timber flap inside the shed begins to bang against the wall and I steady it with my foot.

There is a conversation taking place in the mans house above me, but I can’t make out the words. The clouds are dark and wind blows. but I can’t hear the wind.

The storm passes and the following morning I call out for someone to unlock the door. My two Rottweilers, King and Mikki, find me and poke their noses through hole in the door excited to see me. The door opens and they are gone.

As I emerge from the shed, I note it was blown off its foundations about 6 inches towards the south. I manage to push it back with my foot

I find myself walking through the valley, the two-week old child in my arms, still wrapped in the pink blanket. I’m looking for the child’s parents but can’t locate them.

A neighbour tells me they were sucked up by the wind in the storm and lost. For some reason it dawns on me that the child is related to me and I have to take responsibility for it. Someone unseen, says I should adopt the child.

I’m on the street where I grew up walking towards a neighbour’s house with the child in my arms, two kittens climb up on me while I walk.

The thought of new life enters my mind.

Launceston TAS Railway Museum
Launceston TAS Railway Museum

Second Dream: 4:30am

I’m back on the railway at the maintenance workshops in the meal room, but the workshops are unfamiliar to me. There are two very large suit cases, perhaps 4 feet high by 2-1/2 feet wide and a foot or so thick. along one wall. They are mine.

I walk outside with my work-mates and check on some removable bollards, they are yellow and are not plumb. I pull them out to straighten them up and note they are sitting in grey/brown muddy water.

Suddenly, dozens of people turn up and begin hording off the workshops and yards. No one knows what is going on and I mention that it looks like a lock out to me.

I try to speak to one of the people supervising the lockout, a woman, but they refuse to answer.

Finally, in desperation I say to the woman. “I don’t live here I live in Sydney, all my belongings are in the meal room in the suit cases.

Without a word she leads me around the hording through the workshop, which resembles STS-1 blacksmith welders shop where I worked and into the old sheet metal shop and to the entrance to the meal room.

It’s barricaded off and there is no way for me to retrieve my belongings and it dawns on me that everything I had is gone


In the dream, my parents home was exactly how I remember it, except it was from my younger days not recent times.

The shed in the dream is exactly like the one my father built back in the 60’s, which still stands today. The foundations were made from bottles and assorted rubble with concrete poured over. It’s about 4 feet from a now decommissioned outhouse. There is a roof between the two buildings, a sort of annex.

I’ve dreamt previously of being dragged back by the wind, but never while trying to climb a hill. Previously it was the steps leading from the backyard to the porch at my parents home.

My father worked for the railway for 31 years, he retired in 1982, the same year I started my apprenticeship. I worked at the same depot as he did.

After he retired, he often dreamt of the railway workshops where he worked. This usually resulted him calling out in his sleep.

I’ve always taken muddy water to mean tough times ahead and clear water, where you can see the bottom, meaning good fortune or a clear path.

Vague as they are, I believe dreams have meanings.


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17 thoughts on “What Does It Mean?

  1. Yeah I’m with you. I definitely believe that dreams have a hidden meaning. If we could just figure them out. 😏
    I used to keep a dream diary years ago, it was fascinating. Had it for months before I gave it up. I’ve been having lots of weird dreams lately too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My mum told me of a leather bound dream book my grandmother had. It was very accurate but was lost during WW2.

      Mum remembered some meanings from that book and some apply in my case

      Reaching the top of a hill is to reach your goal. Green grass is better than dry grass. Muddy water is sickness and a baby means there will be a problem. Dogs or puppies means good friends.

      I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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          1. I know with me, I only remember dreams when I’ve got something on my mind, and often a solution, or part of one, is presented to me.

            Sometimes I don’t realise this until afterwards.

            I believe everyone has this ability, kids eapecially. It’s worn out of us by today’s society as we become adults. The trick is to find it again. That’s the hard part

            Liked by 1 person

          2. I think you’re right. Lately I’ve been remembering my dreams and they’re so vivid, as though they’re telling me something. Well, I’m listening. Trying to anyway.

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, you remembered such incredible detail! I don’t often remember my dreams in detail, but I don’t write them down right after having them, either. I believe they have meaning too, but what? I only wish I knew!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Andy

    Dude….it’s not mushroom season over there yet is it because they dreams are just plain weird and usually only occur with a certain herbal tea… 😀, my dreams are so normal compared to yours , lol..

    Liked by 1 person

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