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Time With Those That Matter.


The Pillion is not feeling the best at the moment, she’s battling Larry Gitis and Tone Sillitis. I have no idea who these two blokes are, but they better lay off and stop knocking her around so much.

To her credit The Pillion is still strong enough to insist that I get out of the house and stop bothering her while she battles Larry and Tone, even suggesting I take Jaja out on the bike to get some father, son time in.

Contrary to what you might think, it’s not that often I get one-on-one time with the kids, either I’m off at work or busy doing domestic stuff, or they’re off with their friends and not doing domestic stuff.

The two paths never shall cross.

So, with The Pillions blessing I grabbed Jaja, strapped him to Bluey with bungee cords (so he wouldn’t fall off) and headed north to Montville.

The Route North To Montville

The Route North To Montville

The route we took is one that’s well-worn by motorcyclists and takes in some nice country with a mix of road surfaces and scenery.

Although the first 40 minutes or so isn’t so spectacular because you have to take the Bruce Highway north to Caboolture, then head out towards Woodford along the D’Aguilar Highway .

The stretch between Caboolture and Woodford isn’t too bad, but has had a high crash rate in recent times. As a result popo usually sets up a mobile portrait studio to enforce the speed limit.

Just after Woodford you take a right on the Kilcoy-Beerwah Road and follow that out to Peachester, Beerwah then Melany via the Landsborough-Maleny Road, and finally on the Melany-Montville Road to Montville.

The whole trip takes about 1-1/2 hours at the speed limit and is a nice ride.

Candy Anyone?

Candy Anyone?

Features Like This Are Scattered Throughout Montville

Features Like This Are Scattered Throughout Montville

Vistas Like This Are Hidden From The Main Street

A Glimpse Of The View To The Coast

We arrived at about 11:45 and parked at the southern end of town.

We had a bit of a look around some of the craft stores for about 1/2 hour before settling down at a café at the top of the hill in the centre of town. It was here that we feasted on meat pies, chips with gravy and washed it all down with a 600ml (1.2 pt) Coke.

Not bad for less than $10.

“Chips of what?” I hear you say.

Some people call them French fries… believe me when I say these aren’t your regular golden arches type fries. These fries are on steroids, averaging about 16mm thick x 125mm long  ( 5/8″ x  5″) – AKA: Chips.

Couple Of Locals Busking

Couple Of Locals Busking

What Century Are We In Again?

What Century Are We In Again?

The Path Less Travelled

The Path Less Traveled

The café gave us a good chance to sit and talk uninterrupted for a while. We spoke about a few different things but talk turned to the future and what Jaja wanted to do with his.

Jaja finished high school at the end of November, and, as it is with most kids straight out of school, he’s struggling to find gainful employment.

The Christmas season is conspiring against him in this regard, with very few employers hiring at this time of year. Couple this with the fact that there are several thousand other kids fresh out of high school also looking for work, and you can see what he is up against.

It’s no different to what you and I went through really, just a different part of the millennium.

He does have a career plan, but that won’t become available to him for another few months. He’ll need to jump through a few hoops to land that job before he is taken on and may need a stop-gap job to see him through.

The Return Leg

The Return Leg

Gerrard Lookout

Gerrard Lookout

Gerrard Lookout

Gerrard Lookout

We left Montville around 14:30, back-tracking towards Maleny, stopping at Gerrard Lookout to take a photo or two.

By the time we left Gerrard Lookout, the clouds had stated to roll in from the west. We thought we were going to be swimming for the next 80km (50 mi), but it held off. We did get a few spits on the visor, but it was more like light rain coming in on the breeze rather than actual rain-rain.

From Gerrard Lookout we headed back to Maleny and then Woodford via the Maleny-Stanley River Road.

We were going to head back through Caboolture, the same way we came up, but when we got to the turn off that takes you out to Mt Mee and Dayboro, I changed my mind at the last-minute and pointed Bluey on to the Mt Mee Road

I really like the stretch of road between the D’Aguilar Highway and the Mt Mee Lookout, its smooth and well maintained with some nice bends that aren’t too challenging when taken at the speed limit.

Alas, after a recent spate of accidents on that stretch, the fun police have been through and marked their territory, lowering the speed limit to 60km/h (35mph); down from 80km/ h (50 mph).

Big red warning signs have also been erected at both ends of the section that warn of a “High Crash Zone” accompanied with a graphic of a motorcycle skidding.

To top it off, I spotted no less than:

  • One unmarked mobile portrait studio, and
  • One marked police bike, and
  • One unmarked ZX10 Ninja police bike.

Plus I was tailed by bloke on a ‘Busa, who, upon overtaking me, turned out to be yet another police officer on an unmarked bike.

He gave me a wave and toot as he went past. I was at the speed limit and I think he guessed I was on to him 😉

I suppose the extra police presence is to be expected if people are going to treat the road as their very own race track – and it’s not just bikers, cage drivers are just as guilty of this.


In the end we out ran the rain and covered just shy of 240km (150 miles).

I’m pleased The Pillion insisted that I get out of the house, and that I take Jaja with me. After all, its important to spend some time with those that matter.


Those Distances Are IN Kilometres By The Way


11 responses

  1. So nice of pillion to give you the boot for the day. Hope she is feeling better.

    Even with the presence of the po-po it looks like you two had a great day out. “Mobile portrait studio” will have to remember that one. They don’t use unmarked bikes here, but they do routinely use an unmarked Camaro and Mustang.

    Liked by 1 person

    December 30, 2015 at 6:49 AM

    • The bikes are easy to spot even though they are unmarked, police still wear white lids.

      Not too many riders wear white lids.


      December 30, 2015 at 8:50 AM

  2. Sorry to hear the Pillion hasn’t been well. Nice ride that Montville track. Pretty spot. Lovely Pics 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    December 30, 2015 at 3:05 PM

  3. I would so enjoy sharing a ride with one of my boys. Great day.

    Liked by 1 person

    December 31, 2015 at 10:06 AM

  4. LB

    Well, I’m sure hopeful that your love is feeling better by now!
    This sounds like a great ride, and even better, time with your son.
    A good day!

    Liked by 1 person

    January 10, 2016 at 6:32 AM

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