Dan’s Top 13 Motorcycles Coming in 2015

Dan from Daily Bikers blog here returning the favour with a guest post for my fellow bikie blogger the Experimental Ghost.

First, a little about me.

I grew up in rural South Australia, moving around with my parents as they opened restaurants and fish and chip shops until they retired. We were always a motorbike family, Dad wooed Mum with his motorcycle in the 50’s in fact, and he made sure all five of his kids could ride as we grew up, including the girls.

I remember getting my first bike, a Pee Wee 80 at four or five years of age and racing through the scrub to show Mum, in my excitement pulling into our driveway I did a classic whiskey throttle manoeuvre, looping it into the bushes.

From that day forward I was hooked, and I’ve been riding some 35 plus years since.

I started writing about my passion for bikes when I created Ducati Blog alongside my first Ducati, a Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP, later I created Daily Bikers to broaden the scope beyond just blogging about Ducati, so I guess I’m also a bit of a nerd with bike blogs too, and that’s how I met our mate here Experimental Ghost.

I’m also a bona fide bike whore, I change bikes often. I’ve owned quite a few in my time, currently I ride a BMW S1000R as well as a Suzuki DRZ 400e supermotard, which I commute on, and track when I get the chance. I love new, old, enduro, trials, street and most kinds of bikes really – lately I’ve even been reading and learning more about cruisers, choppers and bobbers. So as long as it’s got wheels, I’m into it.

So for my guest post I thought I’d take a look through some of what’s coming out next year, and with EICMA just passed, there have been some exciting new releases to cover. So grab a cuppa this is gonna be a long one, with lots of pics and videos to drool over.

1. Kawasaki H2 Supercharged roadbike

Kawasaki H2 Supercharged Road Bike (Photo Credit: Gizmag.com)

First place must go to the road going version of the hotly anticipated H2R 200bhp crazy Superbike. It just has to be on top of every motorcycle madman/woman’s mind, right?

There was so much hype and build up about its release I kind of got annoyed with the marketing eventually, but this is going to be one of those bikes that goes down in history as the return of the Supercharger. Just listen to that howl!

Although, there are a few 200bhp road registered bikes (Panigale 1299, R1M, S1000RR) now, it’s going to be a hell of a battle for the street riders out there to pick one, and keep your license. Good luck with that.


2. Ducati Scrambler

ducati scrambler full throttle
Ducati Scramble (Photo Credit: Ducati)

I sat on one for the first time at the MotoExpo in Melbourne, and while it was a tad small for me (I’m 6’2” and all legs and arms, like a crayfish) I can totally see the appeal. It screams hipster, yet once you’ve heard that engine with a set of Termi pipes on it, there’s no looking back.

Take my money!

These little bikes would rev hard and go fast, don’t be fooled, they’ll tackle a decent track or two with the right rubber and suspension setup. I would love to take one for a blast just about anywhere to be honest.

Well played Ducati. At the cheaper spectrum of Ducati price list it’s bound to sell bucket loads to the hipster crew. Oh dear.

AUD $12,990 – 14,990

3. Multistrada 1200S

multistrada 1200s
Ducati Multistada 1200S (Photo Credit: Ducati)

I absolutely loved the sound of the Multistrada I owned, it was a hell of a bike and next year it just gets better and better, with Bosch’s new cornering ABS and finally, Cruise Control. This is currently the cream of the crop when it comes to the go-fast Sport/Adventure market. You just won’t get better, yet…

The Multistrada has a slight lean towards adventure, but with a 17” front wheel you’re never really going to have enough clearance to tackle the proper off-road stuff, but still, don’t think you’re going to take me in the mountains on your liter-bike, in fact don’t even presume you will CATCH me, these bikes are damn fast and handle like a dream, that’s why they keep winning the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

That engine is unspeakably good and incredibly satisfying with torque oozing out of every gear, powering out of corners has never felt better, and they’re equipped with enough electronic doodads for days (did I mention it gets cruise control finally next year?), this is one big upright rip-snorting mega comfortable beast of a bike.

And it just keeps getting better every year.

AUD $23,990

4. Ducati Panigale 1299

ducati 1299 panigale
Ducati 1299 Panigale (Photo Courtesy; Ducati)

The most exotic Ducati of them all the Panigale just got 100 more ponies, no doubt a response to the much heralded lunatic bike of choice the KTM Super Duke 1290 and most likely the Kwakka H2 up in position one.

But there is something about the exotic Italian superbike. It takes me back to the ground breaking days of the 916 – it seems like they have created something extra special that no-one else can touch. That’s what it is, they feel untouchable.

That blaring red paint, those vicious looking rear fins and the funky underslung pipe all just ooze attention to detail and if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford it, this is the kind of bike that makes heads turns no matter if you are cruising to the cafe or ripping rubber off the back wheel like a maniac on the track. Not to mention that ridonkulous 1285cc Superquadro Twin that Ducati is famous for, the sound is just beyond mere words. Intoxicating.

Just like the claimed 205bhp. Yikes!


5. Husqvarna FS 450

Husqvarna FS450 (Photo Courtesty: Husqvarna)
Husqvarna FS450 (Photo Courtesty: Husqvarna)

Supermoto riding really gets the blood pumping. It’s a perfect blend of road and off-road riding, thrashing small displacement engines in what is essentially a dirt bike with road wheels. Ringing the guts out of them on the track, elbows out, nuts bashing up against the tank, trying to slide and pushing bars and bike around rather than leaning, it’s like nothing else; completely mental and great fun. As a commuter, you can’t go past a Supermotard. Light, little, fast, torquey, excellent.

Husqvarna are back this year with two models (there is an almighty FS 701 coming in 2015 too) and my bike of choice for this kind of riding would be the Husqvarna FS 450. Light, fast handling you can only dream about.

I mean c’mon, just check this out.

Already sold out here in Australia, the waiting list is 6 months plus and you’d be considered lucky to land one without a good deposit, and the commitment to buy sight unseen. This lightweight top-spec Supermoto gives me goosebumps just thinking about riding it. Want want want!


AUD $ TBA – € 9,895.00

6. Yamaha MT 09 Tracer Sports Tourer

Yamaha MT 09 Tracer Sports Tourer (Photo Courtesy: Gizmag.com)
Yamaha MT 09 Tracer Sports Tourer (Photo Courtesy: Gizmag.com)

The MT 09 has been a big success globally it would seem, and why not? At a touch over $10k AUD brand new, it’s a hell of a lot of capable, and incredibly good fun to ride as I found out at Moto Expo. So easy to ride, and that Triple just loves to rev, but so easy going around the city. There really is a lot to like about the Mt-09 donor bike.

The Tracer version takes it to the ‘Touring’ level adding comfort, touring screen, luggage options and an improved dash and a bigger fuel tank make this one well worth checking out. I’m including it because it’s entry-level touring without being Hyosung ugly/quality.

AUD $ TBA US $10,490

7. BMW F800R

bmw f800R
BMW F800R (Photo Courtesy Gizmag.com)

It’s only a light update for this little thumping twin but, the small change in headlight makes what was kind of ugly-looking into something a whole lot tougher. I like it. It comes right after the Tracer because it’s going to cost a fair whack more, but then again really nice things always do.


8. SWM – Speedy Working Motors

swm gran milano 440s
SWM Gran Milano 440S (Photo Courtesy SWM)

These little prod bikes feature a 435CC air cooled single and weighing in at a mere 150kg which make for a super base for a custom trackers, which is why I’d opt for the Gran Milano 440S out of their new line up of ‘old fashioned’ thumpers. How cool is this with its murdered out engine bay and classic spoked dual sport wheels?

It’s motorcycling back to basics, and let’s face it – who wouldn’t own a bike made by a company called Speedy Working Motors?


9. Husqvarna 401 concepts – Vit Pilen and Svart Pilen

sitpilen concept
Husqvarna 401 concepts – Vit Pilen and Svart Pilen (Photo Courtesy: Gizmag.com)

These bikes were unleashed to gauge public reaction before going into production, and I see a trend here that I like very much.

The Vit Pilen (Swedish for White Arrow) and Svart Pilen (Black Arrow) are smaller 400CC 135kg custom bikes ready to go right out of the box. Simple, clean lines, big wide bars and I’m just flat-out a total sucker for a single thumper with dual sport tyres.

I really hope that they get to see the light of day Down Under.

AUD – concept only

10. Yamaha XJR 1300 Racer

Yamaha XJR 1300 Racer (Photo Courtesy: Yamaha)

Not much of an update here apart from aesthetics, but the fared headlight and race number plate scream muscle bike, and for that reason alone like it a lot.

My older brother also used to ride the very early iteration of the XJR (or maybe it was an FJR?) back in the 90s and I remember him pulling up alongside me on a country road while I drove along in my cage, and sticking his tongue out like the RoadRunner then ripping a huge wheelie and shooting off like a bolt of lightning on the back wheel, leaving me standing still at 100kmhr.

That was enough, I was sold. If I could fill my dream shed, then this would have to take the Muscle Bike slot for sure. Simply put, I want to get on the blacked out beast and see if I can hit 300kmh immediately. It’s a whole lot of bike for not that much money.

AUD $ 13,999

11. Harley Davidson Street 500

Harley street 500
Harley Davidson Street 500 (Photo Courtesy: Harley Davidson)

A liquid cooled 500cc V-Twin, the little Harley Davidson deserves a mention just because it’s quite different. Not your usual massive displacement Harley engine at all. I also sat on one at the Moto Expo, and again found it too small for me, but can totally see the appeal. We’re talking first bike LAMs approved Harley Davidsons here after all, what’s not to like for that market?

A hell of a lot I’m thinking. The custom options will play out superbly with these little inexpensive bikes. Well played Harley Davidson. I think they realised that not everyone wants to ride a Ninja 300.

AUD $9,995.00

12. Suzuki GSX S1000 ABS

Suzuki GSX-S1000 GSX-R (Photo Courtesy: MCNews.com.au)

I love Suzuki. Always have. RGV 250, GSX 400F, GSX R750 and now DRZ 400, they always seem to find their way into my life. And I love naked bikes. So while this may not be that breathtaking or inspirational design wise it gets a mention because it is a naked gixxer. How can you not like it?

I’ve never owned a spirited liter-bike gixxer because I’m not that much of a fan of being raked over the bars racer boy style and so the S version interests me because it has those big wide flat bars and a more upright riding position in what is essentially the same bike. A naked gixxer, perfect.

What isn’t perfect or exciting, is this incredibly lame promotional video which will sell exactly zero of them to anyone.

Still, I’d take the greyed out ghosty coloured one for a spin on any given day.


13. BMW S1000 XR

BMW S1000 XR (Photo Courtesy: BMW)

And finally, the bike I’m most excited about for 2015. The Multistrada killer. Haha! I say that just to stir the pot, but seriously with my new found love for the liter-bike genre in the S1000R, the only thing I miss from my Multi days is the riding position. I’m getting older but I still want ultimate power, just now I need a bit more comfort to boot. Which means a sit up and beg style bike attached to the most exquisitely engineered motorcycle available. Hullo S1000XR, I think I love you. You will be mine.

The S1000R is the most technologically advanced, exciting and yet safest bike I have ever ridden, but if I’m honest, the Ducati Multistrada was the most comfortable and exciting bike I ever owned.

BMW clearly recognise this with the Multistrada selling by the bucket loads and they made the obvious connection by connecting the S1000R power plant to a tourer/adventure (light) format. Adding this bike to their arsenal makes perfect sense to me. I don’t want a GS1200R because I can’t understand the way that paralever front end works.

I want an S1000 XR.

bmw s1000 xr white
BMW S1000 XR (Photo Courtesy: BMW)

Add it all up with the Touring Package (pannier mounts, heated grips, sat-nav mount, centre stand, luggage grid and electronic suspension upgrades) and the Dynamic package (extra ride modes, quick shifter, cruise control and ABS Pro [read cornering ABS!] and this is a serious mountain carving, long haul, commuting, ball tearer of a bike not to be messed with. With BMW’s aggressive new pricing strategy on bikes like the amazing S1000R too, it should be around the same price as the Multistrada but nothing concrete announced from BMW yet, although my local dealer tells me we could be looking at a mid year launch.

I want it. Bad.


So there you have it folks, my list of the kick arse bikes coming next year, what were your favourites? Drop by Daily Bikers sometime and check out some of my other rants about everything two wheels.

Until next time, stay upright.


8 thoughts on “Dan’s Top 13 Motorcycles Coming in 2015

  1. Micke

    Hi, vit pitten actually means white penis… It should be pilen just like svart pilen. Source, I live in Sweden. I like the name thoe and I love the bike. Cheers


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  3. I have the Dynamic system on my new BMW R1200RT and it very impressive as I’m sure it will be on the S1000XR. ESA is something I always thought I would not need or want too, but since the one I found already had it, it’s another great feature. On that S1000XR that Shift Assist Pro is going to be awesome! I’ve used mine a few times. Go ahead and order one, you know you want it!


    1. Hehehe… hard to cover em all pal! I prolly overlooked it as litrebikes scare the beejeezus out of me! I had an S1000R for a year, and man that thing was a FREAK!

      I really like my big twins as my bike of choice, gimme a GS, a Multistrada, a Superduke, or even a V-rod any day of the week. You can hit 300 in a few minutes, and I’ll just be thumping along behind you happy as larry 🙂


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