Rider On The Storm.


On Thursday, November 27, 2104, Brisbane was hit with one of the worst storms in 10 years (ABC News Link). Even though I left work a little early to try to miss it, I still managed to catch a few drops and a puff of wind.

Some might say I was unlucky, I don’t see it that way.

After all, everyone knows little boys like to play in the rain.


Music is royalty free under the creative commons licence from Josh Woodward
Video: Contour Roam II


8 thoughts on “Rider On The Storm.

  1. That storm made our news over here in the USA, something about giant hail.

    Riding in a little rain isn’t bad, but with the water coming off those car tires, it looks as though there was quite a bit of standing water. Good thing you like to play in puddles.


    1. The hail was the size of soft balls in the city centre. Southern suburbs and City copped it worst, North side was hit as well (where the video and pics were taken) but the hail was averaging golf ball size. I thought someone was throwing rocks at me at first. Duh!

      Reports were that we got 1 months rain in an hour and wind gusts up to 140km/h (87mp/h) which was Category 2 cyclone territory. Probably why the drains couldn’t cope

      Thanks for commenting


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