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Tin Can Bay


Last Sunday the Pillion and I decided to tag along with some friends on a ride up to Tin Can Bay for lunch. The weather report for the day was for a cool cloudy morning followed by showers in the afternoon. Thankfully we managed to dodge the showers (I forgot the soap anyway) and only had to contend with damp roads.

Looks Miserable Don't It?

Looks Miserable Don’t It?

The route started at BP north at Burpengary 45km (28 miles) north of Brisbane. From there we followed the Bruce Highway until we turned off on Steve Erwin Way, past Australia Zoo, through to Maleny, Kenilworth, Pomona, Kin Kin and Tin Can Bay.

Thank You Google Maps

Thank You Google Maps

Even though Tin Can Bay is an easy 2 hour, 175 km (110 mile) ride north of the BP, our trip would take us around 4 hours and around 235 km (146 miles) via the scenic route.

Even Mr Policeman Was Out 'n About

Even Mr Policeman Was Out ‘n About

Our first stop to regroup and warm up was at Kenilworth, in the heart of the Mary Valley. About 110 km (70 miles) into our trip.

Kenilworth is a “blink and you’ll miss it” kind of town, with a population of about 300. The main street has a row of shops, a country supermarket, a museum, and two of the most important establishments any town needs; a service station and a pub.

It also has a Cheese Factory which is the centre piece of the Kenilworth Cheese, Wine and Food Festival held in April each year. I’ll talk about that some other time.

Photo Courtesy opals-on-black

Photo Courtesy opals-on-black

After our short intermission we headed north along the Eumundi-Kenilworth Road towards Kin Kin. Most of the roads were pretty good, although some stretches were bumpy, and you had to pay attention on the corners because there was debris mid line.

Not a good thing when you’re two up… or any other time for that matter.


Quiet Road With a View

Oh Look Slippery Stuff

Oh Look Slippery Stuff

The Weather Started To Clear Up

The Weather Started To Clear Up

Love These Old Timber Bridges

Love These Old Timber Bridges

We turned right on Tin Can Bay Road and headed east towards the coast and Tin Can Bay. Nothing to eventful along this road, just straight wide and tempting. Alas, it is known to be patrolled by the local constabulary, so we had to behave ourselves.

Tin Can Bay Road

Tin Can Bay Road

Tin Can Bay was originally part of a large timber logging area settled in the 1890’s. The logs were floated up the Great Sandy Strait between the mainland and Fraser Island to Maryborough, where they were cut and transported to other areas. Logging came to an end in 1893, although some milling continued until the end of the century.

Now-a-days it’s a great spot to get away from it all, and is a gateway to other places of interest, like Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay. Closer in you can indulge in some bush walking in the Cooloola National Park, fishing or boating in the Great Sandy Straits and Fraser Island.

There is lots to see and do – or not.

Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay

The clouds started rolling in again just outside Gympie, luckily the promised showers held off until we made it home. All up we covered 450km (280 miles).

Not a bad effort for a days riding.


The Weather Closed In Again On The Way Home

The Weather Started To Close In Again On The Way Home


4 responses

  1. Great pics. Looks like a nice ride. Now noted on my “Rides to-do” list 🙂


    August 11, 2014 at 8:02 PM

    • Thank you. All of these photos we grabbed from video taken on my Contour Roam. There is one setting which gives better quality but I need a 32 gig card to use it effectively. Thanks for stopping by and commenting


      August 11, 2014 at 8:10 PM

  2. LB

    What a great ride! I’d have been happy riding and the stop in Kenilworth, too.
    Question: how did you do the map? I’ve wanted to map my rides for the blog and also for my ride journal.
    Thanks for sharing if you can!


    August 12, 2014 at 3:48 AM

    • Hi LB.

      The map is entered stop by stop turn by turn using Google Maps… I don’t have a GPS.

      If you click the route link in the 2nd paragraph above it will open a new window with the actual map I did the screen grab of. Each entry will leave you a little white marker on the map which you can drag to a new location if the route is not quite right.

      Thanks for visiting


      August 12, 2014 at 8:32 AM

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