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That Stretch Of Road.


It’s been a long while since I’ve ridden the full 60km (37mi) stretch of winding black top between The Gap and “The T” at Splityard Dam.

As much as I love The Mt Nebo Road and the Northbrook Parkway, and even though I live not far from the mid-point, I tend to avoid it like the plague. I guess it’s because I can’t get out for a decent ride on a weekday when its quiet, and am restricted to weekends when tourists, boy racers and popo abound.

Instead I get my jollies dodging traffic, and trying my damnedest not to become a hood ornament for some pre-occupied cager on my way to and from work each day.

As luck would have it, I was rewarded with some mid-week R&R* last week, and took the opportunity to revisit That Stretch Of Road.

The G, Nebo, The Hill. Mention any of those names to a local biker and they will know exactly what you are talking about; Mt. Nebo, Mt. Glorious and the Brisbane Forest Park just west of Brisbane.

Local Area Map

Local Area Map

How do you get to this magnificent piece of road?

I’m glad you asked:

  1. From the city, you can head west along Waterworks Road to The Gap, it’s about a 10km (6mi) ride. When you get to The Gap, I recommend you fill up at the 7-11 on the corner of Waterworks and Settlement Road.Its the last servo* you’ll see for a while
  2. Alternatively, you can make your way out to Samford. Samford is at about the mid-point of the ride, from there you can continue to The Mt. Nebo Road and turn north to Splityard Dam then double back south through Mt nebo and on to The Gap. Again I recommend you fill up at the Caltex on the corner of Mt. Glorious and Mt Sampson roads before you head out.
  3. Or, you can come in from the north from Kilcoy/ Esk or Fernvale
The Map - Thank you Google

The Map – Thank you Google

I chose to head north from Dayboro out to Mt Mee and Kilcoy; from there its a nice ride south via Lake Somerset to Splityard Dam, through to The Gap and then back to Dayboro. I’ve posted snippets of some of the roads from Dayboro through to Kilcoy previously here and here, so I won’t go over them again.

Warning To All Riders

Warning To All Riders

The road from Splityard Dam south deserves some comment though.

Although speed limits along this road are posted at 50,  60 and 80km/h, (30, 37 and 50 mp/h) corners should be treated with respect, particularly when travelling through the rain-forest areas, as they are often covered in debris in your cornering line.

Other things to watch out for include wayward wild life and corners that split. That is, corners will have a high side and a low side with up to 1 metre (3 feet) between the two directions.

Sunset Over The Wivenhoe Dam

Sunset Over The Wivenhoe Dam

Scenic lookouts that have spectacular views over Brisbane city, the coastline, Samford Valley and out to the west are dotted along the route, with many having picnic & BBQ’s areas where you can laze away an hour or so with a picnic lunch.

Muster At The Maiala Rainforest Teahouse

Muster At The Maiala Rainforest Teahouse

The Maiala Rain-forest Tea-house is a popular meeting place for bikers and tourists, and is about halfway along the 60 km stretch. Be aware though that the area is heavily policed, so watch your speed. There are other restaurants, coffee shops, art and craft galleries along the route as well if that’s what floats your boat.

I can’t take credit for all of the photos, mine is the sunset over Wivenhoe Dam (above), the rest are used with permission. All hail Susan C (the most relaxed pillion I have ever met) for allowing me to use her happy snaps in this post.


  • R&R: Rest and relaxation (believe it or not, no-one in my family know what R&R was… go figure.)
  • Servo: Service/ Petrol /Gas Station


















3 responses

  1. That looks like such a beautiful stretch of road – made for two wheels.


    June 12, 2014 at 1:53 AM

  2. Sanjay V

    That looks like a delicious stretch of road !


    July 9, 2014 at 10:52 PM

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