Throttle Snatch


My bikes have always used carburetors for their fuel delivery.

My current bike however, uses fuel injection. This in itself is not a bad thing; better fuel delivery, economy… the list goes on.

The thing that I did notice, was that the throttle is much more snatchy than any of my previous bikes. Not just on acceleration, but even when you go over a rough patch of road and your hand moves that slight amount.

This was never a problem on any of my carburetor bikes, and it took me a while to get used to the fuel injection. I modified the way I hold the throttle, in that I now rest my little finger and the outside of my palm on the bar end. This has reduced throttle snatch on rougher roads but has not eliminated it completely.

The other day I came across an article about Jerky Motorcycle Throttle’s by Mark McVeigh at MotoDNA, Mark talks about the effects a snatchy throttle can have on handling and power delivery and why it is more common today than it was years ago. It’s a short non-technical article but worth a read.


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One thought on “Throttle Snatch

  1. I had a friend go through my fuel map on the ducati 916 which improved the bikes running and had a faulty tps. After the two were fixed the bike runs great. No hesitation at all.


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