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I had a few inquiries about the movie Stone (1974) since this post.

This low-budget Australian film produced and directed by Sandy Harbutt was controversial in its day due to its nudity, strong language and violent themes, receiving an “R” rating from the censors.

Be that as it may , Stone became a favorite amongst Australian bikers and bikies alike, and grossed over $1.5 million at the box office in its first year.

Stone is unique in that it reflects an Australian perspective of the bikie scene in the ’70’s, something that was lacking in those days. There were plenty of other bikie movies around, but none from Australia or with an Australian theme, which is probably why even to this day, Stone enjoys a cult following over here.

Being produced in the 70’s when the Australian film industry was young, the acting is average and the cinematography and continuity don’t always gel. So don’t expect a slick blockbuster with CGI graphics and special effects. If you can get past that, it’s not a bad movie, with a pretty good story line.

Stone, the Australian cult biker movie from 1974. Go on ya know ya wanna watch it.



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