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Rosins Lookout


About 12 months ago, the family and I went for a drive out to Tamborine Mountain to explore the region and see what it has to offer. While we were there, we took the time to watch the hang-gliders.

As a throw away line I mentioned that I’d like to try that one day. The Pillion In A Million and JaJa took this on board and started saving their money, and on my last birthday I was presented with a gift voucher for a tandem flight with Paragliding Queensland.

I’ve been meaning to do this flight for a few months and finally managed to clear the schedule and get it done. Paragliding Queensland operates out of two locations; Tamborine Mountain and Rosins Lookout at Beechmont (see map).

Beechmont is my favorite place in South East Queensland, not just for the scenery but also for the great motorcycling roads. <— look motorcycle content 🙂

Seeing it from the air has made me appreciate it just that little more.

Thanks to The Pillion In A Million and JaJa for an awesome experience.

I was going to do a bunch of photos but decided that a video would tell a better story.









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