motorcycles, travel, friendship, respect… I may drift off into WTF-land at times so hang in there.

Biker St. Nick


In a moment of madness I wrote this little ditty. Must be the Christmas spirits in me.



He knew once again,
it was that time of year.
He jumped on his sled,
and put it in gear.

With tires sure-footed,
and suspension just right.
He rode his sled,
all through the night.

He rode hard and fast,
with determined resolve.
Saddle bags full of gifts,
nothing more could they hold,

No bells or tinsel,
or funny red suit.
Just well-worn leathers,
and bandanna to boot.

Everyone knows,
for a chimney he’s much too large.
Only entering the door,
of a bikers garage.

Chrome bars for the Harley,
and a leather seat.
Yoshi pipe for the racer,
sounds oh so sweet.

Not milk and cookies,
for biker St.Nick.
Just bourbon and beer,
that’ll do the trick.

His work now done,
he leaves with a roar
To make more deliveries,
at another bikers door.

Once on his way,
he shouts and gives cheer.
A Merry Christmas to all,
to all a Happy New Year

Written and first published by the Experimental Ghost
December 24th 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


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