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It’s What We Do.


Last weekend was a busy one for me.

On Saturday the group I ride with paid a visit to a local Aged Care facility. Its annual thing they do, and this year was the events 18th anniversary. At first I wasn’t so sure about attending, but after taking part and seeing the residents faces light up at the sight of us arriving, I can assure you its worth every second.

What you might not realise is that these people are often deposited in Aged Care by family, and then, if they are lucky they might get a visit once a month. It’s a sad but true fact that our lives are so full, we often forget those that are not in our immediate family, and a visit like this does a lot to brighten an otherwise lonely life.

Brassal Shopping Centre Muster

Brassall Shopping Centre

Sunday, December 8th, I did one of the annual Toy Runs that’s held around the country. The one I rode in was at Ipswich in Queensland and was the 17th annual Toy Run put on by the Lockyer Ulysses. With over 800 bikes and over 60 sponsors, this was the by far the largest participation rate in the history of the event.

Sponsors donated goods to be auctioned on the day, everything from car detailing to motorcycle servicing to white goods. Registration for the event was optional but encouraged. Most riders dressed their bikes (or themselves) and got into the spirit of things even some onlookers played dress up. All money raised from registrations, auctions and raffles held in a 6 hour window went to the salvos (1). Over $20, 000 was raised, and this does not include the toys that were donated.

I learned this weekend that despite the negative connotations held by some, bikers aren’t all that bad.


  1. Salvation Army


This was only PART of the run

Still more behind me - many, many more

Still more behind me – many, many more


Loved by everyone

Look it's Mrs Claus

Look it’s Mrs Claus

Elmo and his girlfriend

Elmo and his girlfriend


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