motorcycles, travel, friendship, respect… I may drift off into WTF-land at times so hang in there.

Find The Truth


When people meet for the first time, first impressions are important. That first few seconds can either make or break any hope of a friendship. People tend to form an opinion of someone on sight, failing to see the true character of a person.

I wrote this piece back in March of 2010 after someone told me that “I was a scary looking dude”. This may be the case, not just for me but for many.

Sometimes it’s worth taking the time to look deeper.



Look not on my brow,
nor my outward scowl.
Judge me not.

See not my chill,
nor my coldness of heart.
Look deeper.

Listen not to my voice,
nor my inflections.
Hear me, what did I say?

Feel not my pain,
nor my emotion.
Pity me not.

Touch not my hand.
I may not draw near.

Reach out with thine heart.
Find the truth.


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