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10 days in the life of a motorcyclist


So I got this new helmet camera for Christmas, and I thought I’d experiment with it on my daily commute, just to get used to it.

Funny thing is that most people don’t know (or care) that I have a camera mounted to the helmet and manage to do some really dumb things, not just to me, but to other road users as well. Those that realise I’m wearing a camera, do one of two things:-

  1. Either behave themselves and stay out of camera view (they must think I’m popo or something… I’m not), or,
  2. They pull up beside me and ask what the story is with the camera. Why I have it, how much it cost, picture quality etc… etc…

On the latter point, it’s always other bikers that ask, and they’re pretty cool about it once they find out I’m not doing it to present the footage to popo; Most can see the benefits of having it, especially in traffic.

It’s a good way to prove innocence or guilt should the need arise. I hope I never need it for that.

One of the benefits is that by reviewing the footage, I have learned a few things about my riding, and have made improvements so that I don’t keep making the same mistakes. It tends to keep me honest as well.

The clip below is something I chucked together from stuff I saw in January 2013 over about 10 days. There is nothing special about this clip, but it has amazed me how much goes on during a simple commute to work and back each day.

Now, I know every man and his donkey posts up stuff about what cagers get up to, and mounting a camera on your helmet can make viewers a bit sea sick.

But hey! I’m new to this stuff, so cut me some slack, eh? 🙂



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