motorcycles, travel, friendship, respect… I may drift off into WTF-land at times so hang in there.

Parent = hypocrite.


When I was about 17, I remember getting hauled over the coals for a prank some mates and I pulled.

You see, there was this Italian bloke that lived in the neighbourhood; he always parked his Fiat Bambino on the foot path out the front of his house. People had asked him many times not to block the footpath, but he didn’t listen. So one night, we got together, to stir him up a bit.

Each of us grabbed a corner of the car and picked it up, spinning it 90 degrees. We maneuvered the car between a telegraph pole and a brick fence, it was a snug fit, there was literally inches in it. The next day we sat on the balcony of a block of flats where one of my mates lived, and watched.

It was the funniest thing seeing this bloke trying to get his car out of his ‘new’ parking spot all the while going off in Italian. Pretty soon neighbours started coming out to see what the commotion was. It was quite a spectacle.

This memory flashback got me thinking. As a parent you always look out for your kids, no matter what. So lecturing them on the do’s and don’t s goes with the territory.

So does being a parent mean that you are a hypocrite as well?



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