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Out of the blue.


Out of the blue, my daughter says to me “Dad you should start a blog”

“What the hell would I want to do that for, what would I write about?” I thought to myself. [insert fictitious age here] years old and she wants me to write a blog!

So, off she went to Uni, and I sat there pondering the prospect of writing a blog.

What would I write about? Work, home, work, home…. boring.

What about my hobbies? Nah, collecting toe nail clippings and ear wax doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Maybe I should just ‘let it flow’, you know, write what I think. That could get me into a lot of trouble; Awesome!

I mean, I could write about that ‘P’ plater that pulled out from the driveway to Orifice Works yesterday. Man, talk about a clench you arse cheeks moment; I felt the exhaust from the weapon ‘It'(1) was driving on my leg as I went past.

Well, it wasn’t really a cheeks clencher, I kinda knew ‘It’ was going to pull out in front of me. You know, you just get this sense that some donkey is going to do something dumb. You learn from your mistakes [Flashback to December 2000 *shudder*]

I could write about that, couldn’t I?

Nah… that would just sound like a rant.

Anyway I survived that episode, but I couldn’t help recalling a YouTube clip I saw a few weeks ago. It hit the nail right on the head.

(1) ‘It’ = I can’t think of a kinder term of endearment


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