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Home At Last


No, it’s not Wednesday already; I just felt I had to share.

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How To Set Up Your Motorcycle Suspension.


A couple of weeks ago, The Pillion and I went for a ride with The Melting Man to the Natural Arch, during the course of the day the topic of suspension set-up came up.

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Lane Filtering


Back on July 1st, 2014 the New South Wales (NSW) State Guv’mint amended their traffic act to specifically define motorcycle lane filtering and lane splitting.

Previously there was no specific rules outlawing the practice of lane filtering, but popo frowned upon the manoeuvre and usually booked you for failing to keep within a defined lane or some other such thing.

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I Got Me A New Farkle.


Back on January 14 I wrote about pre-ordering a set of SHAD (SH36) hard cases and frames to replace some soft panniers that had failed after only 1200 km (745 mi).

Clicky here if you’d like to refresh your memory.

Last Tuesday I got a text from my local motorcycle accessories emporium advising me the hard cases had arrived.

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Don’t Lose Your Sense Of Adventure.


Following on from last weeks post I thought I’d share an article I found on The Open Road Journey. The article gives 5 tips on how to lead a more adventurous life… on a motorcycle of course.

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I Wouldn’t Change One-Single-Thing.


As I write this, The Pillion In A Million is out gallivanting somewhere on a far away continent; she will be gone for two months experiencing new things, making new friends and generally having a good time.

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When The Pillion and I moved up from Sydney last century we settled in Browns Plains, a smallish suburb about 25km (15 mi) South of the Brisbane CBD where development hadn’t boomed yet.

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Ya Get What Ya Pay For


When I bought Bluey, I didn’t think about touring. I was more interested in day trips, or a braaap up through the hills. I surmised that I’d need to carry at least some water, maybe a first aid kit and the usual bits and pieces you’d take on a day trip. So I bought a 24 litre Givi tank bag and left it at that.

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We’ve Gotta Stop In There Next Time.


It seemed like every time we sailed through Nabiac on the Pacific Highway we’d always say the same thing as we passed the sign pointing to The National Motorcycle Museum of Australia. “We’ve gotta stop in their one day.”

Alas, we never did. Either we were pressed for time, the kids were asleep in the car, or we were in a plane and the hosties probably wouldn’t have appreciated us cracking open a door and bailing out for a look.

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Far Riders – Skidoooo


Back in October 2013, I was having a chin wag with a mate when he mentioned he was thinking about doing a Far Ride. He told me The Far Riders* were associated with The Iron Butt Association (IBA)* in the United States, and that you didn’t join by paying your dues and/ or attending a couple of meetings at a local pub or club house.

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