I Ride To Rediscover The Part Of Myself Lost To Just "Existing".


A New Throne.


I’ve had Bluey for just a smidge over 3 years and The Pillion and I have covered quite a bit of country on her together.

For a bike that’s described as a sports tourer, it certainly does the job well, it eats the miles both effortlessly and economically. In fact, from the 19 litre (5 gallon) tank I can get around 340 km (210 miles) around town and about 390 km (240 miles) on a fully load two-up country run.

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Hey You With The Funny Head!


It’s true, I have a funny head.

As a result, I have a great deal of difficulty finding a helmet that’s comfortable. One that I can actually get my head into, and one that doesn’t give me a headache after 10 minutes.

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A Formal Affair.


The Poles call it Studniówka, the Poms call it a Leavers Ball and the ‘Mericans call it a Senior Prom. You might know it as something else in your part of the world.

In ‘Straya its called a School Formal and is usually held at the school auditorium where teachers, politicians and other interested parties wax lyrical and acknowledge the achievements of students leaving school to make their mark on the big wide world.

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A Matter Of Trust.


I reckon the best pillion I’ve ever had would’ve been Daka. He was a wiry sort of bloke, maybe 5’11” who weighed next to nothing. He was a rider himself, rode a GPz-1100 B2 as I recall.

Alas, he was a bit naughty on one or two occasions and the powers that be told him he couldn’t ride (or drive) for a rather lengthy period of time.

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Look Harder.

The sun filtered though the trees warming the brisk morning air as The Pillion and I followed the black ribbon that was Mt Nebo Road.  No one ahead of us, nor behind, and only the beat of the engine beneath us breaking the silence.

It was one of those surreal moments in time, when everything just flowed.

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A Worthy Cause.


Last Sunday I stumbled on a festival at Sandgate, about 30km (19 miles) north of Brisbane. It was the usual affair, with lots of colour, music, good food, heaps of people and… a bike display.

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Byron Bay.


Byron Bay is one of those rare places you don’t come across very often. The town has a unique character which is a blend of hippie culture and the local surf scene.

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The Real Voyage Of Discovery.


Last weeks post was a bit brief and didn’t have many pitchers. So as promised, this weeks post will be a little more elaborate.

I thought I’d show you around the B&B The Pillion and I stayed at. It’s a little self-contained one bedroom cottage about half way between Ballina and Lismore New South Wales, not far from the village of Alstonville.

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Weekend Away


You might remember a post I put up in May last year about winning some Brownie Points with The Pillion.

It was our 25th parole hearing and I wanted to do something special. That effort turned out so well, we decided to head back to the same B&B this year for a second go.

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Woody Point.


Last Sunday morning I stole The Pillion  for a few hours and took her down to Woody Point, I thought it’d be nice to spend some time together by the water and maybe go for a walk along the esplanade.

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